MondoDyne Photonics WobbulatorTM

Recommended Usage

So How the Heck Do You Deploy this Thing?

Like this: Pinnacle Lasers
Photo courtesy of Pinnacle Laser Productions

As seen above, lumia excels at providing ambient backgrounds at events and concerts. Basically, you set it up, set the speed (slowest recommended for lumia) and use it to fill whatever walls and ceiling you have available. The slow-moving colorful abstract patterns are a soothing attention-getter, just the thing for a charity ball, museum gala, or new age concert. Also works great as a backdrop for a dance concert.

Anywhere you would put up-lights on drapery, lumia is a good choice: better color, animation, and a mesmerizing mix of flowing wispy-ness.

Using one of the Scan-Through discs, you can add animation to a logo or scrolling text.

With a Diffraction Disc, you can add a vast array of new FX to your abstracts and hot beams.

See the video examples at the Disc Gallery page.

But Don't I Need DMX for this?

Well, no. The only things you can control is speed and direction. The system is designed to hang from a tripod- or truss-Mount setup, with the 12' cable tie-wrapped to a support. You can gaff or tie-wrap the controller to the support and control it that way. If you need to change the speed, you can do it from the mounting position. Direction is fixed, but if you absolutely need to control direction, we can provide a custom solution (a box, a DPDT switch and hardware - you are just reversing the polarity, Scotty.)

We recommend an individual tripod setup; that way you can crank it down at intermission to change discs, for instance, without disrupting the rest of your rig.

If we get enough requests for DMX, we will design an adapter, but we're talking $$$ here.
The design intent here is simplicity.

What if I want to change patterns on the fly?

Rotating FX discs are a feature in several high-end projectors from Kvant, Sollinger, etc. These cost big bucks, so we are not going there. If you need this, check out the manufacturers above. But all their solutions are internal and not available as a retrofit. Again, we are trying to keep this as simple as possible, using the projector you already have.

Remember that you can always change the pattern your projector is generating, which gives you infinite control over the imagery without having to adjust the Wobbulator.