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Pinnacle Lasers event lumia

Wobbulator-created Lumia from Pinnacle Lasers
on the ceiling at a Gala at the Peabody Essex
Museum in Salem, MA in 2017.

We are in the Eastern US time zone, and are open from 9:00 - 5:00 Monday - Friday.
Calls made outside these hours will go to voicemail.

Phone: 734 904 0659

The Wobbulator is proudly made in lower central Michigan, USA.

A Testimonial
"Pinnacle Laser Productions is proud to partner with Mondodyne Photonics to create visually stunning laser artwork that is both a classic effect, and also on the cutting edge of what is possible with lumia projection.

Mike Gould is an artist and craftsman, and gets the details just right. Our equipment is working very well and we can't wait to get more of it!”
        ...Andrew Dranetz, Pinnacle Lasers