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Pinnacle Lasers Lumia
Using 4 Wobbulators









MondoDyne Photonics WobbulatorTM

Video Examples of Disc Usage:
Lumia Elicitation And More

Here are some examples of what you can do with the various discs available with the Wobbulator. Disc A comes included with your unit; the others are add-ons soon to be available from dealers and direct from MondoDyne Photonics.

A Kvant ClubMax 3000® running Pangolin Beyond Ultimate® was used to project the various images. Most of the graphics were from the Beyond library, which comes with the Beyond app. The various dots and geometric images come from the Hot Beams and Abstract areas of the library. The intent here is to demonstrate how a Wobbulator can be used to expand your artistic capabilities using standard imagery.

As with all video of scanned laser images, there are often visible artifacts caused by the mis-match of galvo scan vs. camera scan rates. We took ridiculous pains to avoid this, but some banding crept in - please ignore.

Videos Produced by R. Thomas Bray, assisted by Mike Gould. Recorded at St. Wilfred's Lumentic Facility Studios, 1/5/2019.

All Discs With a Projected Square

Different Wobbulator discs with a projected square.

Wobbulator Disc A multidot pattern

An Example with a Beyond Hot Beams image.

Text With a Scan-Through (STW) Disc

Here is some text being wobbulated - works for logos too.

Wobbulator Diff (Diffraction) Disc with multiple patterns

Various abstracts from the Beyond library meet the Diff disc.