MondoDyne Photonics WobbulatorTM

A Lumia Elicitor for Laser Projectors

News Flash - Wobbulator used in NASA's Einstein Planetarium for Yuri's Night celebration, April 12 2019!
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Laser lumia from a Kvant CM3000 projecting through a Wobbulator

MondoDyne Photonics Wobbulator

The Wobbulator enables laser graphics projectors to project lumia, diffraction, and scan-through effects. This is a bolt-on device that attaches to the front of your projector, just in front of the aperture.

First used in the hit horror movie Hereditary, the WobbulatorTM dramatically broadens the effects possible from your galvo-based laser. The hallway scene in Hereditary was done as a scan-through effect, the WobbulatorTM supplying a wobble to the eerie shape projected moving up and down the hall.

See the Wobbulator Training Video!

The Store is Now Open!
We are now taking orders for Wobbulators.
Email us at for more information. Supplies are limited.

Price is $600.00 USD, discounts available for large quantities. (Note US-style power plug; you may need an adapter outside the US).

Here is what is in the box:

Wobbulator Parts

The Wobbulator uses the shutter mounting screw holes found on most projectors. As these are different from each manufacturer, we need to know the make and model of your unit. We may also need to have you measure the layout of the front of your projector if we can't get the info from the laser maker. If your projector has no such mounting holes, we can provide a velcro solution.

Here is the WobbulatorTM attached to the front of a
Kvant ClubMax 3000 projector. Note: For demonstration purposes only - not endorsed by Kvant.

Wobbulator and Kvant_6496